On Walking Out, Pt. 1
31st Aug 2021, 7:06 AM

On Walking Out, Pt. 1

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This was unexpected and unsettling...

posted by KidCthulhu, 31st Aug 2021, 7:52 AM


uh oh

posted by x215zimer, 31st Aug 2021, 7:27 PM


Nervous breakdown time

posted by Guest, 31st Aug 2021, 8:50 PM


Well, it’s worse than dying slowly in front of her, it’s better than killing himself in front of her.

On the bright side, doing something truly stupid like this might give Diego a good shock and some of the mental plasticity he needs to turn his life around.

posted by cwDeici, 5th Sep 2021, 10:55 PM


I’m disappointed though, I thought he’d manage to keep this suppressed until Chel was 18.

And frankly, going by how Diego barely manages to not kill himself with a network to rely on, it’s hard to see this as anything but an attempt to find a place he can unpack his feelings in lonely desolation, with no one to support or guilty him out of suicide.

posted by cwDeici, 5th Sep 2021, 11:01 PM


It’s interesting how Diego got his emotional state arrested both with losing the flame he had before Ava, and when she died.

Since raising Chel wasn’t enough I guess it’d take something truly momentous to get him past that, but I don’t know anything bigger than having a child. Maybe religion, but Diego doesn’t seem like the type.

posted by cwDeici, 5th Sep 2021, 11:04 PM


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